by Rose Agracewicz 

private in-home grooming

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What is In-Home Pet Care? 

    Housecall Grooming: Grooming with an emphasis on Convenience for You and Comfort for Your Pet!  I bring all of the required equipment and supplies, and simply need a source of water and electricity. Full transparency for you, and your pet receives one-on-one pampering in the place they feel most secure: Home. 

Why In-Home Pet Care?   

      My ultimate focus is keeping your pet happy. Grooming should be enjoyable and not stressful. There is always a soft, gentle, reassuring approach, and I have found that in a one-on-one setting, this is most easily attainable. 

    In-home grooming is great for pets that become stressed or have had traumatic experiences at a grooming shop, pets that are uncomfortable around other animals or being out of their environment, busy pet parents who do not have time to drop off and pick up their pet hours later from a grooming shop, or pet parents who simply want convenience at its best! 



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